Tobias Grosser

QRANE: Lifting QASM Programs to an Affine IR

Blake Gerard, Tobias Grosser, Martin Kong, 2022

This paper introduces QRANE, a tool that produces the affine intermediate representation (IR) from a quantum program expressed in Quantum Assembly language such as OpenQASM. QRANE finds subsets of quantum gates prescribed by the same operation type and linear relationships, and constructs a structured program representation expressed with polyhedral iteration domains and access relations, all while preserving the original semantics of the quantum program. We explore various policies for deciding amongst different delinearization strategies and discuss their effect on the quality of the reconstruction. Our evaluation demonstrates the high coverage and efficiency obtained with QRANE while enabling research on the benefits of affine transformations for large quantum circuits. Specifically, QRANE reconstructs affine iteration domains of up to 6 dimensions and up to 184 points per domain.